We’re a team of dynamic detailed driven professionals. We lead from the front with the customer’s need in mind and mediocrity is not an option.

Turn key projects on risk management, patient safety and quality

We employ the use of improvement science to design and implement a patient-centred service delivery model.

Embedded solutions to reduce the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

We implement One-health solutions using the 5-strategic pillars of Awareness, Surveillance, Infection prevention and control, Antimicrobial stewardship and R&D in line with the Nigeria Antimicrobial resistance National Action Plan and Global best practice.

Comprehensive demand based training and development

We provide leadership and guidance for innovative education and training to healthcare professionals. Our modules are tailor made for continuous quality improvement and patient safety.

SMART Healthcare Facilities Development

We utilize systems thinking approach in our solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and overall outcomes. We embed change management strategies from the onset.

Data for Strategic Planning

We collect, analyze and present data in order to identify opportunities for improvement and inform decision making.

Research & Development

We bridge the gap from research to society.

Advocacy and Awareness

Our advocacy and awareness campaigns bridge the knowledge gap across our identified stakeholders to be more responsive to healthcare needs.

Clinical Governance Strategies

We support organizations to develop a non-punitive accountability and transparency framework, in order to improve quality service delivery, build trust, create patient-centred learning environments and increased returns on investments.